Sunday, September 16, 2012

An organized {shed}

Week 2:  The Garage {or shed in our case}

I'm a little late posting the "after" photos of last week.  We chose to do our shed instead. I've always thought we have a super quirky & cute shed.  Ben built it from the ground up the first summer we lived here. I have to say that I had little involvement in this weeks project.  Ben pretty much tackled this one on his own :) BIG SMILE!  

Here is the outside.  We added the planters earlier this spring.

Beckett, the best little helper, emptying out the shed with Daddy.  Sorry this is the only "before" picture I was able to snap.  I got a little distracted playing with Bowen.

 He used 3.5" nails as "hooks' for most of his yard tools.  Forget about spending $4 on pre-fab weed wacker hooks, simply make a loop with some rope and attach to a nail. He freed up a lot of floor space by hanging everything on the walls.

On a side note; this cast iron Christmas tree stands, shown above in red, is one of our best holiday investments ever!

 The wire racks were hung upside down to create a lip on the edge so nothing would fall off.  These shelves house most of our gardening tools. fertilizer and seeds.  Above is a scrap 1x8 held up with standard brackets to create additional storage.

I'm happy to say that he spent ZERO dollars on this weeks makeover.  Ben utilized "left over" supplies from other projects we've done around the house! Great job Honey!

I'll be back later this week to show you how week 3:  The Pantry, turned out!


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