Monday, September 17, 2012

An organized {pantry}

Week 3: The Pantry

Here is the step by step process that we took to get our pantry organized!

Step 1.  Empty out completely and scrub the shelves and floor.  I had some syrup and honey drips so things were a little sticky, yuck!  As I was taking things out I categorized them on the island so I could see how much I had of what. i.e. baking stuff, kids snacks, pasta/rice ect.

Step 2.  I installed Fridge Coasters to 4 out 5 of my wire racks.  This will prevent my canned goods from tipping over AND will absorb those honey and syrup drips so I won't have to scrub next time.  Our wire shelves are 12" deep so I broke off the 1" perforation line on the large bin coaster for a perfect fit.

 Step 3. re-load the pantry and categorize each shelf.

Instead of storing chip clips in a kitchen drawer, clip them to the rack for easy access.  I started doing this a couple of weeks ago and it's just so much more convenient.  Even the dog treats have a spot now.

Step 4.  Utilize the inside of the pantry door.  We used Command hooks to hang a family calendar and Becketts lunch box.