Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New for 2016

Late last year we launched our much anticipated XL Shelf Coaster and SubZero® Door Coaster. Both are available exclusively on our website.

The XL Shelf Coaster is 30% bigger than our standard Large Coaster.  Perfect for refrigerators with sliding pantry drawers or oversized shelves.  If you have a really large surface you need covered, simply place two side by side.

The XL Shelf Coaster is available in a 2 pack.  You pick the color & pattern!  Retail is $11.00

Shop the XL Shelf Coaster here

The SubZero® Door Coaster.  All our SubZero customers probably assumed that we forgot about them because this size has been in the works for a while.  We had to measure, measure and measure again, all of the SubZero® models out there to get the perforation lines in exactly the right spot.  We finally have the answer to all those long skinny door bins out there.  Woo-hoo

In preparation for our new size launch, we were fortunate enough to do a photo shoot in the brand new SubZero® showroom here in Charlotte. Let me tell you, it was gorgeous!

The SubZero Door Coaster is available in a 2 pack.  You pick the color and pattern.  Retail is $7.00

Shop the SubZero Door Coaster here

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