Friday, November 8, 2013

The Ultimate "Clean out your Fridge" Contest

Congratulations Amanda Peter!!

It seems like nowadays there is a "day" for everything.  Well, add one more to the list.  November 15th is "National Clean Out your Fridge Day".  No,  I'm not making this up, Google it!  Besides, who said Spring was the only season for cleaning.  Right now really is the perfect time to get your fridge spic and span for the holidays.  Hanukkah & Thanksgiving are right around the corner and Christmas will be here before you know it.  Go ahead and clean out your refrigerator now and you won't have to panic the night before guests arrive; at least not about your fridge.

To entice you even more we've launched a contest to get you motivated.  How about FREE FRIDGE COASTERS® FOR A YEAR?  Sounds great, right?  Here's how to enter:

1. "Like" our Facebook Page
2. "Share" this blog post on your Facebook Page
3.  Clean your refrigerator and send us before & after pictures! Send pictures to

The contest runs Friday November 8th-Friday November 15th.  The winner will be announced on Saturday November 16th! Hurry up, there's no time to waste! This contest is closed.

One winner will receive Fridge Coasters® for a year!

*Fridge Coasters® for a year is equivalent to two Fridge Packs per quarter, totaling 8 Fridge Packs in the winners desired color/pattern choice.


  1. I shared this post on Facebook.

  2. I like you on Facebook under the name Mellissa Plowman.


    1. Great Melissa! Can't wait to see your before & after pics. Don't forget to send them to

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