Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nice to meet you

Hi.  We are the husband & wife team behind Fridge Coaster.  My husband came up with idea for Fridge Coaster after we had our first baby.  Frankly, he was sick of scrubbing milk rings off the refrigerator shelves left behind from baby bottles.  Two years later his innovative idea has come to fruition and we've added another baby to the mix.
This blog is our (my) creative outlet.  We are self proclaimed "do-it-yourselfers" who love doing projects around the house and making it our own.  We will post everything from exciting Fridge Coaster updates to what inspires us to whats going on at home.  Please follow us on this exciting journey as we start our new business and raise two energetic boys!
This picture was taken about a month ago on vacation and our newest addition was still cookin'.

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