Thursday, December 5, 2013

Top 5 uses for Fridge Coaster {besides the fridge}

We all LOVE Fridge Coasters in the fridge to absorb to messy drips and spills but did you know there are many other places in your home where they are incredibly useful?  Check out our top 5 list.

Fridge Coasters are great under laundry detergent to catch those drips and spills.

We all know it can get pretty nasty underneath the kitchen sink.  Save yourself some scrubbing time by using Fridge Coasters to protect your cabinets.  

Have trouble keeping things standing up in your pantry?  Problem solved.  Fridge Coasters provide a sturdy surface so your groceries stay put.  No more soup cans tipping over here.

Meal prepping?  Fridge Coasters give you a flat, stable surface to freeze soups and stews.  No more Ziplock bags drooping through the wire shelves.  

I don't know about you but my make up drawer gets a little messy.  I love having Fridge Coasters in there for two reasons. 1. If something leaks my clean up is a breeze. 2. LOVE the pop of color and fun it adds.  Makes getting ready in the morning just a little bit better.  

They're awesome in the linen closet too.  When freshly folded towels and sheets go in, you can rest assured they won't come out with lines from the wire racks imprinted in them.  Makes life just a little bit neater.

Did we miss anything?  Share your favorite uses for Fridge Coaster in comments.



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