Monday, October 22, 2012

an organized {laundry room}

We're a little behind on the ABFOL 14 week organizing challenge but I promise this before and after will not disappoint.  Our laundry room was an absolute disaster.  I kept the door shut tight as often as possible and the chore of laundry was made even more painful by the cluttered mess that was our laundry room.  We knocked this out in a weekend during "nap time and night time".  And when I say "we", I mean I supervised while Ben turned my design into reality.  I say it over and over again but we really are a great team because without him all these creative ideas would just be floating around in my head not getting executed.  I'm pretty embarrassed to show the "before" but here it goes......


Our laundry room is a pretty narrow space.  If feels crowded if there is more than one person in there but the storage "bones" were already in place; just not being utilized well at all.


What?!?!? Is this the same space? 

My jumping off point for this space was the fabric I found for the roll up shades on the window, I'll post a DIY on that later.

The wall across from the washer and dryer was a blank slate.  We painted 5 inch wide stripes and below that we added a 4ft X 8ft sheet of bead board.  Just because it's a laundry room doesn't mean it has to be boring, right?
3 hooks on the wall for extra storage.  As it gets cooler I see winter coats hanging here.  Its also an extra space to "line dry" things that don't need to be laid flat.

We added another shelf right above the washer and dryer for easy access to detergent and bleach

Another place where I couldn't live without my Fridge Coasters.  Sorry, shameless plug, but its better than scrubbing that sticky mess the detergent drips leave behind.

Clothes pins right at my finger tips.  Stored in a thrift store find margarita glass.

We threw away a lot of miscellaneous, random items that somehow made their way into the laundry room cabinets to collect dust.  Everything we kept has its own space and is visible without having to dig for it.

Ta-da! Hope you like the results as much as we do!



  1. I love it! Great job!! Our laundry rooms are about the same size, and I recently did mine as part of Nester's 31 Day Challenge. Can't wait to see your DIY on the roller shade. I still need to do that. --As I was dusting it occurred to me that your fridge coasters would make a great solution to the tops of cabinets. Do you have anything that size, or would it be cost-prohibitive?