Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekend project: shed update

Inspired by the images below, I thought it was time to give our backyard shed some new life.

This is our backyard shed.............

  Ben built it from scratch.  It's crooked, quirky and I love it. Yes, that is our dried up christmas tree hanging out next to it. We're saving it for the perfect cool night to burn in our fire pit or at least thats what we keep telling ourselves.
 We've had these terracotta pot hangers for a while, waiting for the perfect place to put them.  Our shed needed some love so it was the perfect place.  Ben spray painted them black and screwed them in.

How cute!  I planted Dianthus in all four pots, which is a mounding annual that LOVES the sun.  As soon as they start to grow in a little, it will look a lot better.

 I also planted Dianthus in the planter box on the side and am looking for an old window frame to hang above it.
I have 6 more of these pot hangers and I can't decide if I should add more to the shed or hang some on our pergola.  Has anyone used them anywhere in their yard?  If so, where did you put them?

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