Monday, February 27, 2012

After the kids are in bed....

Where do I even start?  My laundry list of things to do after I put my boys to sleep seems to get longer every week.  I would love to say that my house is always perfectly clean and organized so that Ben and I can just relax together but that is certainly not the case.  Ben works full time with Fridge Coaster and I work full time in HR at Nordstrom by day, full time mommy by night and weekend and part time Fridge Coaster "creative director"; seeing as how I'm married to the CEO I can give myself that fancy title ;) We are fortunate enough to be very busy with packaging orders and vendor agreements (remember the 2011 recap I did last month?  I will be elaborating more on that soon).

Normally our nightly routine begins around 7:45 after our two maniacs are in bed but lately Beck thinks that he is too big to go to sleep at a normal hour.  While at times I do find his antics very comical, I wish he would get back into his normal bedtime routine.  As of late this is what I hear coming from his room after the lights are out, "mommy, mommy, mommy, Moooooooommmmmm!!! Mommy, come here now!"  I wonder what happened to my sweet boy who was such a good listener and appreciated his bed time routine and then I remembered, oh ya, he's 2 :/.  So this is what our night looks like after the kids are in bed....

  • It usually starts off with cleaning the kitchen and family room.  Becketts toy baskets explode all over the house everyday and the kitchen is the hub of the house so it turns into the catch all.
  • This is followed by vacuuming the first floor.  Dog hair, gold fish crumbs and dirt tracked all around.... gross
  • Then its time to fold laundry and get that put away.  
  • After this is done we are back in the office packaging more orders, responding to emails, updating the blog or getting sucked into Pinterest.
  • If its Tuesday I turn on "New Girl" @ 9 (my new favorite show) and if it's Wednesday we are watching "Modern Family" and "Happy Endings".  Other than these shows our t.v. doesn't get a lot of action.
  • We set a 10pm bedtime for ourselves but that maybe happens twice a month.
  • Then 6am rolls around and we're go, go, go again.
It's a busy and rewarding life and I wouldn't trade it for anything! Here's to all the busy moms in the world!

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  1. Your tile is wonderful! There is so much character in this tile! Love it!