Thursday, January 5, 2012

We've come along way: 2011 recap

2011 was a year of tremendous growth for Fridge Coaster.  My husbands idea evolved from weekly trips to Lowe's, Home Depot, Sears & local appliance stores to test fit the product and get the sizing absolutely perfect.  So much R&D that he was known as "that Fridge Coaster guy" at our local Lowe's. To an actual prototype that we could feature and test with a wide audience.  We participated in various shows and festivals, including the Herndon Festival and Market Day at Baxter Village, to get the product in people's hand and get constructive feedback from our customers.  We really listened and from there we introduced exciting patterns and colors to our coasters.  We were lucky enough to make contact with some national retailers and pitch our product; news on that front to be announced soon :). We also launched our online store,, where customers can customize what color combination they want in their fridge.  Below is a photo timeline of 2011......
First test fit template

Original sizes

Our first logo

Our first attempt at packaging. We thought it looked pretty good.

Our first samples of prints & colors.  This was the turning point!!!

So much better!

This is why you need Fridge Coasters.  Look at that mess they cleaned up for you!

New Crisper/Shelf coaster in an actual customers fridge

We got a QR!!

New sizes with perforations to custom fit any refrigerator

Updated logo

Market Day @ Baxter Village. Awesome turnout.  First show where we featured prints & colors!

Testing, testing

And more testing to make sure we have a product that truly does what it says. It DOES!!

New label and packaging

2012 is off to a great start and we can't thank everyone enough that has participated in our start up.  The support is truly overwhelming and we appreciate everyones contributions!!  This is just the beginning. Exciting things are happening so stay tuned........

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